Prosugar Prosugar

and innovation.

Prosugar's products are synonymous with technological innovation in ethanol fermentation and sugar production. The company is structured based on the research, development and continuous innovation.


Since its inception, constant investments have been made in its technical group of RD & I, responsible for transforming the demands and industrial problems in cutting-edge technological solutions, benefiting the sugarcane industry.


Besides investing in instrumentation means, ProSugar engaged in the method applied, using project management processes described in the PMBOK, which ensures that the research / devised projects by its technical group of RD & I department can be performed with greater agility, maximizing the time, cost and human resources employees, enabling a high-performance results.


ProSugar believes that investments in RD & I are essential to make a difference in a highly competitive and constantly changing. In this perspective, it is the "positive impact on the sugar and ethanol business," through innovative technological solutions and value-added services is the raison d'être of ProSugar.

Our mission
Market innovative specialty chemicals that add value and improve performance
industrial of our customers, generating sustainable results for shareholders.

Our vision
Innovation through chemical industrial processes.

Strategic objectives

Profitable growth
Meet the budget, reaching revenue and contribution margin planned
Achieving the planned profitability through rigorous control of expenses

Superiors and Customer Satisfaction products
Offering products with high competitiveness in cost and quality
Achieve customer satisfaction index

Leadership in Innovation and Technology
Offering innovative chemicals in their formulation

Presence and global integration
Establish an important position both domestically and in the export
Achieving participation and sales volume in the domestic market and achieve the export volume planned

Operational Excellence
Being a breitling replica company with excellence in internal processes
Maintain certification of the Integrated Management System (IMS)

People Inspired and High Performance
Be motivated and be a reference company to work


Its laboratories, located in Maceio and Sertaozinho, are equipped with the most modern analytical equipment market, as chromatograph ion (HPLC), Zeta potential, near-infrared (NIR) and mass spectrophotometer.


the 1st mobile laboratory industry.


The mobile laboratory's mission is to accompany our clients, providing detailed analysis of each stage of production and make the end of the work a detailed report on the possibilities for improvement. Vehicle equipped with all the analytical instrumentation: